Monday Moanin Thoughts #132 Need Help Shifting From Management To Instruction?

It is hard to believe that this is the final Monday Moanin of October 2014. Over the last the few weeks I have met with many school administrators who have shared frustration about management issues consuming most of their time and energy. To help make the shift to focusing more time on instruction, try using the following achievable strategies.

First, list specific appointments and actions in your calendar. Do not list general appointments. For example if you want to conduct classroom walkthroughs during the 9:00-10:00 am time period, try listing ……

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Monday Moanin Thoughts # 131 Staffs Are Effective When They Work Together

Happy October 2014 and here is wishing you all a great Monday Moanin. I just spent this past weekend with my family up in Traverse City, Michigan. It was a spectacular time. The colors were beautiful, the air was crisp, the weather cooperated, and the clear views allowed you to see for miles. It was a perfect time to reflect on my work of the last few months. I am blessed to meet with so many talented educators that are successful in leading their schools and communities. Effective leaders have ……

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