Monday Moanin Thoughts #136 Have You Written Your Thanksgiving Message Yet? Try Some Of These Themes

What a great Monday Moanin morning to wake up to. This week many of us will be celebrating Thanksgiving 2014. In a few days we will be having a wonderful meal with our loved ones and enjoying a well deserved break from the daily challenges we face.

As I began thinking about my message, I couldn’t help but think the same thing for many of you. What is your Thanksgiving message going to be to your staff? It may be difficult to be creative and inspirational in writing a message. ……

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Monday Moanin Thoughts # 135 What Is Most Important To Workers- Workplace Survey 2014

Welcome to the Monday Moanin thoughts two weeks before Thanksgiving 2014. Thanksgiving is a great time to be full of gratitude and thankfulness. It is also a great time to reflect on your effectiveness as a leader. To assist in your reflection, I will share some information from the recently published 2014 Detroit Free Press Workplace Survey.

Over 50,000 workers participated in the survey conducted for the Free Press by the research firm Workplace Dynamics. The top three issues of importance for workers are listed in bold print below. What ……

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