Monday Moanin Thoughts # 131 Staffs Are Effective When They Work Together

Happy October 2014 and here is wishing you all a great Monday Moanin. I just spent this past weekend with my family up in Traverse City, Michigan. It was a spectacular time. The colors were beautiful, the air was crisp, the weather cooperated, and the clear views allowed you to see for miles. It was a perfect time to reflect on my work of the last few months. I am blessed to meet with so many talented educators that are successful in leading their schools and communities. Effective leaders have ……

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Monday Moanin Thoughts # 130 Enhance Your Practice- Focus On These 3 Areas

Welcome to this beautiful crisp October 2014 Monday Moanin. In many school districts this week marks the halfway point of the first quarter marking period. This is a great time to reflect and focus on your practice. I want to share three suggestions for you to consider focusing on this week. They are:

Shift your conversation from management to teaching and learning. As the instructional leader in your building, your staff need to hear and know that this is a priority. Good instruction matters!

Seek out information and feedback ……

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