Monday Moanin Thoughts #124 Focus On Culture As You Begin 2014-15

Happy Monday Moanin on the first Tuesday of September 2014. Today, most schools in the Midwest begin their first week of the 2014-15 school year. Building principals and their staffs have endured several professional learning days in preparation for the opening. As I reflect back on my years as a building principal , I remember experiencing the first week with students exhausted due to planning and facilitating the opening of a new year. The challenge for all principals is to not let fatigue impact your actions and performance when the ……

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Monday Moanin Thoughts #123 5 Quotes To Help With Your Message For 2014-15?

Happy Monday Moanin everybody. As many of you are preparing for a new school year, I hope you are reflecting on similar questions like the following; What is going to be different about my work ? Am I going to change ? Will the people I work with notice a difference in my performance? Finally, what will my message be for 2014-15? Check out the following quotes and thoughts listed below. Consider using them as a prompt as you prepare for the new year. The goal is to help bring ……

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