Monday Moanin Thoughts # 52 Get Your Rest

Today’s Holiday  edition of Monday Moanin Thoughts is written by Kate Hickey. Kate is my wonderful daughter-in-law who is in her sixth year of teaching. She teaches at Middle College High School in Franklin, Tennessee.

Educators, by nature, tend to be selfless. It’s our best and worst quality during the holiday season. We need rest and we deserve it. Take it easy so you can be effective when you get back.

As a high school teacher, I repeat this old adage to my students often: “You have to take care of yourself, before you can take care of others.” Or the classic: “You have to love yourself before you can love another.”  This holiday season, I will try to take my own advice.

The world will still turn if we don’t wrap everything like a post on Pinterest. Martha Stewart’s Christmas spread is only that good in a magazine, so let’s not spend too much time running ourselves ragged.

We didn’t give our students any homework over the vacation because, besides being plain old cruel, we know that they need to be resting and sitting around the living room with their families. This time is more important than any assignment. We know these things to be true so we need to make sure that we do ourselves the same favor. It will be a gift that we give to our students all year long: An energized and well-rested teacher.

Please heed Kate’s advice and enjoy the Holiday season with your family  and friends. I certainly am!

Monday Moanin Thoughts #51 A Holiday Gift For All Of You- Deep Roots

The tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School certainly makes this a painful, difficult Monday Moanin. We know that senseless violence is not new and yet it seems to be more common lately in our society. An act that takes the innocent lives of children can change not only our attitudes but also our actions. As I reflected in preparation for this blog, several thoughts came to my mind. Read more

Monday Moanin Thoughts #91 What Are You Going To Start Doing In 2014?

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Monday Moanin Thoughts #50 Focus On Your Learners

Welcome to another Monday Moanin. This past week has been one of the most challenging weeks for all workers and educators in Michigan. Our Governor went against his word and is supporting a right to work initiative and will sign it when it reaches his desk. He is also supporting sweeping changes to education in the state. A very divisive package of legislation that simply destroys public education and is based on inaccurate data about student achievement across the state. It is very easy to be discouraged and very difficult to be motivated to work hard and encourage  young learners. It also happens to be the week before the week of a long break over the holidays. This is usually one of the most challenging times in all schools.Students can be distracted by the upcoming break and from the daily challenges of attending school both socially and academically Read more

Monday Moanin Thought #90 Focus on Instruction At This Time Of Year

Welcome to another Monday Moanin. Life in education continues to be very  challenging  for all educators in Michigan and across the country.  Teachers working without contracts and  learning to navigate a new evaluation system based on student improvement are a few of the many issues facing them. As result many educators are struggling to stay positive  and motivated during these challenging times. Coupled with that, it  happens to be the week before  the week  of a long holiday break. During this time it is not unusual for students to be distracted by the upcoming break and from the daily challenges of attending school both socially and academically. Our students really need all of us during this time of year. Because of all these factors, I urge educators to focus on their instruction with a laser-like-effort and professionalism this week. Here are a few doable suggestions from fellow teachers and administrators to help our learners. Read more

Monday Moanin Thoughts #49 CARE During This Holiday Season

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Monday Moanin Thoughts #89- Three Ideas To Guide Your Week

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