Monday Moanin Thoughts #44 Be Proactive , Try 30 Day Surge

Happy Monday Moanin to all of you. This past week I met with several outstanding building administrators. A common theme emerged during our discussions, they could  not accomplish what they wanted  because of the issues that come up over which they have no control. I think that  many of us can relate to the frustration of being more reactive in our role than proactive. As our discussions continued and we talked about the challenges, I encouraged them to be more proactive.  We discussed establishing a daily focus and setting achievable goals for the day. It is a given that much of the day can be swallowed up by issues that do not line up with your daily focus. So why not set a 30 day plan that includes a Surge in one area of your responsibility?

Because your surge area of focus is established for a 30 day period, you may feel less discouraged on the days that you are required to be more reactive. With your 30 day surge in place, it will  be easier to be productive and effective in your  focused area. The achievable goal of the Surge is to enhance your performance.

Potential focus areas of the surge  could include: Student relationships, formative assessment, servant leadership, walkthroughs, engaged classroom, RTI, and teaching and learning.

So , give it a try over the next month. Hopefully your productivity will improve and you will enhance your performance as an instructional leader.

Quote of the week:

My mentor said, “Let’s go do it,” not “You go do it.” How powerful when someone says, “Lets”!  Jim Rohn

Have a great week and keep finding the good stuff!

Monday Moanin Thoughts #43 Suggested Testing Days- Could Reduce Learner Stress

Lots of thoughts from the last week;

I was talking to several HS students about challenges that they face on a daily basis. Near the top was the number of tests or assessments they have on the same day. Several of them shared that it is not unusual to have three or four tests on most Fridays. Teachers, try asking your students about the amount of tests they are having and consider adjusting  your assessment schedule. The goal should be learning and achievement for the student not your pacing guide or timetable. Administrators, consider beginning a dialogue with your staffs about designating suggested test days per departments and curriculum areas. Lets get to work on reducing stress for students that may assist improving achievement and learning. Lets work at being intentional on helping students find balance as they prepare for assessments. Work at having a” try it” philosophy in your building.

On another note, please communicate with your new teachers . Check in with them about their concerns. Listen more than talk, support more than criticize, offer options and ideas. Don’t assume that if you are not hearing anything that all things are going well.

Quote of the week:

“One thing we know for sure is that kids learn better when teachers are invested and paying attention and showing they care.” Madeline Levine

Have a great week and teachers keep up your exemplary efforts working with all learners. Keep finding the good stuff!

Monday Moanin Thoughts #42 Stop Making Assumptions

Happy second Monday of October 2012 to all of you.  My focus for this Monday moanin is about the impact of making assumptions and how it can effect your leadership and in some cases hurt relationships. In his book The Four Agreements, Don  Miguel Ruiz writes about making assumptions. In describing this agreement, he encourages leaders to not make them. You can become a better leader and person if  you: Read more