Monday Moanin Thoughts #288 Take A Pulse Check, What Kind Of Tension Is In Your Organization?

Good morning and happy Monday Moanin to all of you. Many authors agree that successful organizations and teams need a healthy tension to be productive. My definition of healthy tension is an organization rooted in a collaborative climate. Some examples include staff engaging in discussions about instruction, learning,  growth and possible changes in how individuals teach and students learn. The opposite is an organization that focuses on teacher/adult happiness that may not have enough tension or discipline to change and improve. Some describe this as a more congenial environment than collegial.   Read more

Monday Moanin Thoughts #287 Are You Delegating Or Abdicating?

Welcome to the first MMT of February, 2018. I am writing this on a snowy, windy, frigid Super Bowl Sunday in Michigan. Over the past few weeks I have had conversations with many central office and building administrators about several topics including, how can they improve their effectiveness. During one of these discussions I raised the topic of leaders that delegate many responsibilities and decisions to others.  Delegation certainly is a common  leadership strategy that fits with shared decision-making, capacity building, trust, and using your resources well to name a few. Delegating to your team members can also help improve your organizations effectiveness and assist in getting tasks and work done more efficiently. However, delegation without action can hurt your organization and ultimately the work being completed. The challenge for a leader that delegates is, do they stay engaged? Do they check in with staff members for updates?  Are they available to support and assist the team? Will they share in owning the outcome and decision recommended by the team? Read more