Monday Moanin Thoughts #317 4 Holiday Wishes For Schools In 2019

Happy December 2018 Monday Moanin to all of you. We are so close to a well earned Holiday break. For many the first 4 months of the 2018-19 school year has been filled with many challenges and yet it may also feel like it  has flown by.  With 2019 a few weeks away let me share 4 of my doable wishes for the New Year. They are:

Less focus on compliance in classrooms and in offices throughout your school district. Everyones voice is essential to future growth. Encourage the conversations.

Keep principals and teachers in their buildings during the school day. Professional development and training is critical but not at the expense of teachers not in classrooms and principals doing the big picture work of the district and not focusing on leading their building.

Focus more on social emotional learning. Our students are getting more and more anxious. Provide more support and action dealing with this growing challenge.

Improve and enhance communication across the building and district. Work at it everyday. It is essential in providing clarity, direction, and action.

Enjoy your well deserved Holiday break and attack 2019 with a renewed spirit and energy. Keep finding the good stuff.

Monday Moanin Thoughts #316 As The Holiday’s Near, Reach Out To Others

Happy first December 2018 Monday Moanin to all of you.  For most of you a long Holiday break is a few weeks away. December signals the time of year that many schools are taking action with the Holiday spirit in mind.  Many student and school organizations are conducting food drives, providing backpacks with the essentials, food and clothing as well as other initiatives to help those students and families less fortunate.  Read more