Monday Moanin Thoughts #139 What Are You Going To Start Doing In 2015?

Monday Moanin Thoughts #139 What Are You Going To Start Doing In 2015?It is hard to believe that for many of you this will be your last Monday Moanin before a long Holiday break.  This will also be my last blog of 2014. During the past few weeks I have met with many administrators. Among the many topics we discussed  included a question from Ken Blanchard, what do you want to start doing?  So, what do you want to begin doing in 2015. Listed below are some suggestions for you to consider as you prepare for 2015. Read more

Monday Moanin Thoughts #137 Just Asking, Three Questions For The Week

Welcome to the first December 2014 Monday Moanin.  For  most educators in Michigan this is the first day back from a much needed Thanksgiving break. This is a perfect time to just ask some questions regarding education. Please consider reflecting on  them and consider using one of them as an opener for an upcoming staff meeting. Here  they are: Read more

Monday Moanin Thoughts #138 Focus On Being Effective

Being a leader in todays schools is a difficult challenge. There are mandates, shrinking resources, learning gaps, new supervisors,  and state legislatures to deal with. These challenges can cause you to lose confidence and momentum. Listed below are ten strategies that may be helpful in keeping you on track and improving your effectiveness as a leader. Consider using as many of these as you can and see if they help enhance your performance. In no particular order, here they are : Read more