Monday Moanin Thoughts #324 It’s Time For Spring Cleaning

Happy Easter/Passover Monday Moanin of April 2019.  For most of us in Michigan we have reached the time of year to begin the annual event of spring cleaning. OMG, we hit the 70 degree mark yesterday. It’s finally time to open up the windows and get rid of the cooped up stale winter air and welcome the newness and hope of springtime.  This may  be a perfect time to conduct a professional spring cleaning. It’s time to let go of some things and freshen up and enhance your practice. Use the questions listed below to guide your reflection. They are: Read more

Monday Moanin Thoughts #323 Get Started On Your Spring Renewal

Happy Monday Moanin to all of you. Many of you may be returning from a much needed spring break. While others of you have already started your last quarter of the 2018-19 school year. Wherever you are in the school calendar it is important to realize that these next few days can set the tone for the final stretch of the school year. It is a great time to focus on those actions that lead to a spring cleaning or better yet, a renewal. The final weeks of spring are filled with many distractions: school wide testing, increased field trips, early dismissal for rescheduled athletic contests, and end of the year activities. All of the above  issues may lead to reduced instructional time and increased pressure for teachers to cover the essentials of their curriculum through a  more narrow window.  This is why the spring may feel like the most difficult and challenging part of the year. Listed below are five suggestions that may help finish the year strong and successfully. I encourage you to focus your energy and get to work on your renewal! Read more