Monday Moanin Thoughts #295 The Final Weeks Of School Need ENERGY From All Leaders

Good morning everyone and  welcome to the 295th edition of Monday Moanin Thoughts.  Over the weeks since spring break, I have met with several building administrators to listen and discuss the work they do. I have come away with many impressions and at the top of the list is that administrators are very good at identifying the challenges of their job. If you ask them how things are going, you will hear a steady stream of passion about the challenges they are facing. However, when the conversation shifts towards talking about their highlights, there is usually caution, apprehension, reflection, and then some reluctance  to share.  Why is it that challenges are easy to discuss and highlights are a struggle?  Could it be that challenges tend to be more urgent? Continued focus on challenges and what is not going well can rob leaders of the positive influence they need to lead. It is important to recognize and validate all of the many highlights that occur daily. This spring, make a commitment to provide positive ENERGY  and celebrate all of the good stuff happening in your organization.   Read more

Monday Moanin Thoughts #294 Don’t Forget About Instruction, Finish Strong

Good morning to all of  you wonderful educators on this chilly , icy Michigan 2018  Monday Moanin.   The spring is a challenging time for students to stay focused on their studies. Who is kidding who, it is difficult for adults to stay focused also. As a result, now is a great time to revisit , refocus, and share with each other some instructional  best practices that will help keep the learner focused  on learning and less  on the distractions of springtime. Listed below are some reminders that may help. Teachers,  you may want to consider the following reminders and suggestions.  Read more

Monday Moanin Thoughts #293 Most Popular Tweets January-March 2018

Happy Monday Moanin to everyone and welcome back to many of you from spring break 2018. To assist you with your work this week, consider focusing on a few of  my top tweets from January to March 2018. They will serve you well as you begin the closing weeks of your school year.  Read more