Monday Moanin Thoughts #334 Week 2? Don’t Move Away From Culture And Climate

Happy Monday Moanin to all of you on this beautiful Michigan September 2019 morning. Today, most schools in the Midwest are in their initial weeks of the 2019-20 school year. Building principals and their staffs have been busy welcoming students and dealing with all of the tasks that go with starting a new year. During my  years as a building principal, I was not as energetic by the time a new year officially began. I felt exhausted due to all of the planning leading up to the opening. You may be feeling something similar. The challenge for all principals and their team during the first weeks of school, is to not let fatigue impact your actions and performance. The tone you set as the leader in the building is critical to all students and staff  having the correct focus and attitude. The bottom line is the climate and culture of the building reflect your leadership. Baruti Kafele is a former building principal that understands this role. He is an internationally renowned education speaker and consultant. His  major focus is the” attitude gap”- the gap between those students who have the will to strive for academic excellence and those who do not. As you begin the year try some of his strategies listed below. Take action and get to work at setting the correct tone and culture for your building. Make it a great beginning and enjoy a productive start for 2o19-20. Here is his very doable list:

  • greet students as they arrive in the morning
  • deliver a daily morning announcement about learning
  • high visibility in halls and cafeteria by the administrative team
  • encourage and support all student activities
  • let your staff and students know that you believe in them
  • let your staff and students know that you care about them

Have a great week, pay attention, and keep finding the good stuff.

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