Instructional Support Teams (IST) Help Enhance Instructional Skills

In many school districts teacher improvement is measured by a traditional, outdated evaluation process conducted by building administrators.  Very little improvement occurs for teachers as a result of this archaic process.  Many of these observations are directed by individuals lacking background  knowledge in an area of the curriculum being observed and evaluated. For the master teacher it is an exercise that rarely provides growth producing feedback. For the marginal teacher, it turns into a dog and pony show. In other words a lesson that is special and unique  for the formal observation but rarely repeated throughout the year.  However, we are entering a positive period  with many changes to the evaluation process that are improving teaching and learning. The shift is to more of a self directed goal setting process that guide teachers in enhancing their own professional practice.   Read more

Spring Is The Time To Communicate-Try These Themes

The spring of the year is a welcome sign for many  of us that have survived another frigid winter. It can be a difficult time for student’s to remain focused as we wind down the 2010-2011 school year. It is also a critical time for principals to communicate with their staffs about finishing strong with energy and focus. Read more