Monday Moanin Thoughts #338 Great Week To Focus On What You Are Doing Well

Happy  November 2019 Monday Moanin  to all of you. Over the first 10 weeks of the 2010-20 school year, I have met with several building administrators/teams to discuss and have them reflect on how their year is going so far.

During these meetings, one common theme has emerged. Most administrators have little issue identifying the challenges and struggles they are facing. However, when the conversation shifts towards discussing their highlights and strengths, there is caution and a reluctance to share or even identify them. Why is it that challenges are easy to discuss and highlights are a struggle?  Could it be that challenges tend to be more urgent? Maybe the urgency of the challenges tend to drain energy and can steer individuals and teams into a negative frame of mind. As a result, a lack of head space to even reflect on what is going well. How do you fight this trend towards caution and negativity?

Keep it simple and doable. Through self-reflection ask yourself, What did I do well this past week? If you part of a team reflect and discuss, What did we do well this week?  Keep a journal of  your answers and refer to them often over the year. Highlights and things that went well are areas that you and your team want to build on.  This week is a perfect time to get to work on identifying your strengths and lead with a positive purpose.

Have a great week and keep finding the good stuff.


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