Monday Moanin Thoughts #99 Get Better This Week

Happy mid February 2014  and welcome to all of you on this blustery, frigid, Michigan Monday Moanin. My focus for this week is challenging all of you to get better. A few weeks ago I wrote that leadership is not about doing brilliant things. It is about being effective. Listed below are the suggestions to help you do just that..

First,  lead with enthusiasm. Try bringing positive energy and encouragement to your work. By showing it  consistently in everything you do, others will follow.

Secondly, take action. Most leaders are well read and have a great knowledge base. Apply your learning by sharing  your knowledge.

Lastly, give praise often. When people do good work, let them know it. You can’t give too much appreciation for doing well. Let your staff know!

Work at getting better this week and keep finding the good stuff.

Quote of the week:

Marsha Buckly writes;” In addition to giving respect, you must have respect for yourself. This feeling of personal worth is reflected in everything you say and do and even how you dress.”




Monday Moanin Thoughts #98 Lead With Courage

I wish all of you a happy April Monday Moanin. Noted University of Pennsylvania psychologist , author  and researcher Martin Seligman defines a courageous person” as someone who doesn’t  shrink from threat, challenge, difficulty , or pain.” For many educators and leaders it is a challenge to act with courage given the scrutiny  and  negative attention on public education. It is common for some leaders to become less confident and act with caution. The goal is to fight through the caution and lead others with courage. However, do all courageous decisions have to be high profile or monumental like a non-renewal or a  staff discipline issue?  My answer is no. Everyday decisions need to be made that do not  need the school district’s legal council to be consulted. Read more

Monday Moanin Thoughts #97 Leadership 101, Be More Effective

Welcome to another February 2014 Monday Moanin. Leadership can be a very complex endeavor, probably because it involves other people. People in your organization bring all of their life highlights, struggles, and challenges into the workplace. Read more

Monday Moanin Thoughts #96, Two Ideas To Enhance Your Teaching

Welcome to the Monday Moanin following the  2014 Super Bowl. I am writing this before the parties and the game begins. So hopefully your team  will win and you are ready to begin the week in a positive way. Over the past month I have spent much of my time meeting with administrators and teachers. One common topic that is discussed is good instruction. As a result of these conversations I have many takeaways and reflections.  This week I want to share two areas for your consideration. Neither area will be new to you. I believe by  giving some attention to them, your practice will be enhanced .  Here they are:

First,  reach out and form partnerships with colleagues. Make time to talk about best practice and share ideas. Consider meeting a few times a month to talk and share positive examples of strategies that are working for you and your learners.It is a given that everyone is busy and the challenges are time consuming. The bottom line is that one of  your greatest resources may be in the next classroom or office. Share and collaborate with each other, you can’t afford not too.

Second, commit to trying a new strategy or technology that scares you. The strategy does not have to consume you. It need not take so much time that you get discouraged. Jennifer Nichols writes: “whether you are using old technology in new ways or traditional ways, challenge yourself to do something scary- nothing terrifying, but rather an app or method of student access to content or digital communities that forces you to learn new things.”  Come on you can do it!

Enjoy this first Monday in February and keep finding the good stuff!