Monday Moanin Thoughts #232 What Great Leaders Do, Give Them A Try

Happy Monday Moanin to all of you. My thoughts today are inspired by recent readings from We Are Teachers, John Maxwell, and observing outstanding leaders doing their work. Below are three things that have jumped out at me that are consistent behaviors and intentional strategies that are common among great leaders. They are:

  • Great leaders lead with hope and with a positive purpose. During challenging times and difficult issues they do not lose their way.  They encourage and raise others up.
  • Great leaders lead with respect. They do not put themselves above others and treat everyone in their organization with dignity.
  • Great leaders build a trusting environment. As a result, staff can feel comfortable to do their best work with confidence and creativity.

Consider focusing on these three areas during the next few weeks. I believe it will only enhance your performance. Have a great week and keep finding the good stuff.

Monday Moanin Thoughts #231 Happy Thanksgiving, Check Out These Quotes

Happy  Arctic Michigan Monday Moanin  to all of you. This is also Thanksgiving week 2016.  I wish all of you positive energy and hope as you celebrate later this week.  Listed below are several quotes dealing with gratitude , a common theme as we celebrate this Holiday week. Consider using them as a reminder as you prepare for a productive week. They are: Read more

Monday Moanin Thoughts #230 When Times Are Challenging , Practice Gratitude

It is hard to believe that we are ten days away from Thanksgiving 2016. This Holiday arrives during a time of great division in our country after a challenging election.  As a result, it may be a perfect time to focus on things you can control.  Thanksgiving Day is the time that many people reflect on gratitude and being thankful for those gifts that are important in their lives. This year, lets join them and beginning today make a daily practice of reflecting on those things we are grateful for!   Read more

Monday Moanin Thoughts #229 Outta My Mind On Monday Moanin

Happy November, 2016 Monday Moanin to everyone. The late Detroit Free Press  feature writer Bob Talbert every Monday would write a column titled Outta My Mind On Monday Moanin.   In this MMT , in the spirit of  Talbert , I will share thoughts, complaints, comments, and questions that are on my mind about leadership and education.   Read more