Monday Moanin Thoughts #181 Thoughts From The Blunt Educator To Guide Your Week

Happy October 2015 Monday Moanin to all of you. One of my favorite people to follow on twitter is @BluntEducator. I have chosen my three favorite tweets from the past week. Consider using them as a prompt for your reflection or consider using one of the posts as a focus point for your work this week.  They are: Read more

Monday Moanin Thoughts #180 Schedule Your Priorities First

Happy Chilly Michigan Monday Moanin to all of you.

Over the last the few weeks I have met with many school leaders and a common theme has emerged. Leaders are struggling getting to what is really important. They shared that management issues are consuming most of their time and energy. During our discussions,  I suggested two strategies that may help them be more productive. Give these a try. Read more

Monday Moanin Thoughts #179 Is This Generation Entitled? Where Did They Learn It?

Happy Monday Moanin to all  of you. This time of  year many school districts are conducting parent teacher conferences. A few years ago, I was attending my kids conferences and when I was leaving I couldn’t help but notice something. Although there were many parking places available in the lot that I was parked in, there were three cars parked  illegally in the circle right outside the school entrance. Read more

Monday Moanin Thoughts #178 Forget The Challenges, What Is Going Well?

Happy First Monday Moanin of October 2015 to all of you. Over the first four weeks of the 2015-16 school year, I have met with several building administrators to discuss their work. As a result, I come away with many impressions and perceptions. Read more