Monday Moanin Thoughts #340 It’s Holiday Time, Lead With Respect And Encouragement

Happy  chilly December, 2019 Michigan Monday Moanin to all of you. For many a well deserved Holiday break is a few weeks away.  This is the time of year where many schools and organizations are conducting food drives that restock food pantries with the essentials. Clothing and blanket collections as well as other initiatives to help those students and families less fortunate and in need are  also happening in many schools. With all of these wonderful service projects it may be easy for many community members to get caught up in the distractions. So, how should you lead during this time of year?  It is important to lead with encouragement, clarity, validation, and with a positive purpose. Reach out and give to others more than you receive. It is not the time to find things that may cause you to judge or blame others. It is the time to limit your task list to only the most urgent issues. Be visible, accessible, and reach out with intentionality. As we move towards break,  see the goodness in others and be generous in your feedback and support of staff and students. Fight through your fatigue  and whatever your role, your leadership is needed.

Find the joy, celebrate the good stuff and have a great week.

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