Monday Moanin Thoughts #316 As The Holiday’s Near, Reach Out To Others

Happy first December 2018 Monday Moanin to all of you.  For most of you a long Holiday break is a few weeks away. December signals the time of year that many schools are taking action with the Holiday spirit in mind.  Many student and school organizations are conducting food drives, providing backpacks with the essentials, food and clothing as well as other initiatives to help those students and families less fortunate.  Read more

Monday Moanin Thoughts #315 Check Out These Thanksgiving 2018 Quotes

Happy chilly Michigan Monday Moanin  to all of you. This is also Thanksgiving week 2018.  I wish all of you positive energy and hope as you celebrate later this week.  Listed below are several thoughts from educators about leading with gratitude.  As we celebrate Thanksgiving 2018, consider using them as a reminder as you prepare for a productive week. They are: Read more

Monday Moanin Thoughts #314 Great Week To Practice And Improve

Happy Monday Moanin to all of you. Wow, it is hard to believe that we are a few weeks away from Thanksgiving 2018. The school year is moving fast and it is a challenge to find the time to reflect on how things are going. Over the past several weeks I have met with many administrators discussing their effectiveness as a team and their individual challenges. During this time I have encouraged them to focus on practice and what does it mean and how do we address it?  When discussing instruction and assessment the term best practice is  often used. But do we really practice strategies in those areas or do we just discuss it and rarely take action? My understanding of practice is to work on something to improve a specific skill. To get better,  we need to intentionally use the skill. This week, consider choosing one of these suggestions and try to practice it. Read more

Monday Moanin Thoughts # 313 Enhance Your Practice By Focusing On These Fundamentals

Happy brisk October, 2018 Monday Moanin to all of you. It is hard to believe that for most of you the first month of the 2018-19 school year is in the books. Typically the first month is front loaded with many activities and a fast pace filled with adjustments and reactions. October signals a time when most school staffs and administrators  are settling into their routines and schedules. As a result, this is a great time to refocus on some essential leadership fundamentals to enhance your performance. During this week, practice the following three fundamentals. Read more

Monday Moanin Thoughts #312 Use These Top Tweets To Guide Your Week

Happy Second Monday of October 2018 to all of you. Over the last three months, July-September,  I tweeted many opinions and quotes from many of the stars of leadership and education. Below are listed my top tweets during that time. Each of them had over 2500 impressions on Twitter. Consider using one of them to guide your work and planning this week. Read more

Monday Moanin #311 Fight The Start Of School Distractions, Focus On These

Happy  first Autumn Monday Moanin of  2018 to all of  you. Being a leader in public education is a difficult challenge. There are many issues to deal with, especially at the beginning of a new school year. These challenges may cause you to lose confidence and act with caution which could negatively impact your role and performance as a leader. Listed below are some strategies  that may be helpful in improving your skills as a leader. Consider focusing on some of these during the next 30 days. In no particular order, here they are : Read more

Monday Moanin #310 Thoughts 2018-19 School Year Has Begun, Now What?

Happy Monday Moanin to all of you on this beautiful , crisp Michigan September morning. Today, most schools in the Midwest are in their initial weeks of the 2018-19 school year. Building principals and their staffs have been busy welcoming students and dealing with all of the tasks that go with starting a new year. Read more

Monday Moanin Thoughts #309 Do You Want A Great Opening? Use This Recipe!

Happy late August 2018 Monday Moanin to all of you. For many of you in the Midwest your initial staff meetings will be the week before Labor Day while some of you have already started the 2018-19 school year. Either way, this recipe is something you can try at any time and enjoy success. It is very simple and doable. Sometimes we can over think plans for opening staff meetings and really all meetings. At times the positive tone we want to set can go flat and miss the mark. The ingredients listed in bold below will help establish the positive beginning we all strive for. Only you and your team can determine the focus of each item needed to have a successful recipe and a positive opening meeting. Here are the ingredients: Read more

Monday Moanin Thoughts #308 A Great Time To Practice And Focus On Some Habitudes

Happy Monday Moanin to all of you. The 2018-19 school year is almost here. In preparation, I have started to reread The Habitudes Series , by Tim Elmore. His thoughts and writings are around a belief that there are images that form leadership habits and attitudes. Below are five of my favorite quotes taken from the series. Refer to them often this week and let them guide your practice and serve as a prompt to help set your goals and actions for the new school year. Read more

Monday Moanin Thoughts #307 Opener For 2018 Planning Summit

Happy final Monday Moanin of July, 2018. This week 110 educators from the tri-county of Detroit will attend the 7th Annual Hickey Leadership Planning Summit. It is during the Summit that participants begin to do some focused planning with their teams for the upcoming 2018-19 school year. Every year the Summit begins with an opener. I wanted to share part of the opener with you. Please consider using it as a prompt or reflection as you plan your year. Read more