Live In The Learning Zone, Read Ten Minutes A Day

A few years ago a colleague of mine suggested that I read a book Monday Morning Leadership by David Cottrell. In it Cottrell reflects on eight sessions he had with his mentor. It is a concise read , filled with sound ,insightful leadership principles. In one of the chapters, Cottrell was encouraged  to lead from something his mentor referred to as  the learning zone as opposed to leading from the comfort zone.I use this as a reminder to avoid complacency and to challenge myself  to take risks  without fear of failure. If you find yourself repeating a pattern of complacency day after day this may be an indication that you need to move into the learning zone. Other characteristics of the learning zone include reading ten minutes a day, listening, goal setting, and staying positive. My focus for this blog is on  the strategy of reading ten minutes a day. As a principal and even today as a consultant, I find it difficult to find the time to read. When I do read daily , I am better prepared, more  productive and I acquire new knowledge that helps me grow as a professional. I am also able to discuss current issues and share  pertinent information with those I am working with. I realize now that I can’t afford not to find the time to read daily. Literacy is at the heart of what we do in schools. The more you read the more you learn. By living in the learning zone we model how important reading is.  Over the next month, I  urge you to begin reading daily for ten minutes. Do the math. If you read ten minutes a day, how many books could you read in a year?  Cottrell shares in his book the following thoughts: “most books are between 12 and 20 chapters, in ten minutes  you’d be reading about half a chapter a day. During the next year, you’d have read 12 books. Do you think you would know more about your craft if you read 12 books on leadership and teaching and learning”? Reading daily is essential to professional growth. As a result I now make an appointment  in my daily calendar to read. It is working and I am avoiding complacency!  One thing is sure, I am committed to continuing to read daily and live in the Learning Zone .

Coming Back from Break

So, I just had a great holiday break with my family, and my 29 year old son, who owns his own online company, is showing me some tips on how to better use my website and brand new Facebook business page.

It’s ironic that a thirty-some year educator like myself is now getting educated, but that’s a great message for all of us, as we can all learn from those around us, even our students.

I just wanted to post these thoughts to welcome you all back from holiday break and let you know that Hickey Leadership Group, LLC will be improving it’s online communications effort by ramping up website content with a twice-weekly blog, daily Facebook thoughts focused on leadership tips for educators of all levels, and other integrated content.

Dan Hickey is the owner of Hickey Leadership Group, LLC – a consulting firm focused on educational leadership. Hickey is a Learning Leader with more than 30 years of experience in public education. Check out his Facebook Thoughts of the Day.

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