Monday Moanin Thoughts #292 It’s Time For Some Spring Cleaning

Happy final Monday Moanin of March 2018. For many, this may be the final week before spring break 2018. For most of us in Michigan we have reached the time of year to begin the annual event of spring cleaning. It’s the time we open up the windows and get rid of the cooped up, cabin fever, stale winter air and be open to the newness and hope of springtime.  This may also be a perfect time to conduct a professional spring cleaning that will help to let go of some things and freshen up your practice. Use the questions listed below to guide your reflection. They are: Read more

Monday Moanin Thoughts #291 Get To Work On Your Spring Message

Welcome to the latest Monday Moanin Thoughts. For many, this is the week before we have a well deserved Spring Break. My mentor always encouraged me to write a welcome back message to staff as they return from their break. If you are planning to do the same, consider getting started on it now.  The goal is to validate the hard work and commitment of your staff and set the stage for the final weeks of school. Below are four prompts from leaders they sent to their staffs that set the tone as they began the home stretch to the end of the school year. Read more

Monday Moanin Thoughts #290 Begin March 2018 By Leading Better

Welcome to the first Monday Moanin of March 2018. Wow, spring will be coming soon. This week I met with several educational leaders and it became clear how difficult and challenging it is to be a leader in schools today. Some of my observations about their challenges included issues like poor funding, teaching and learning, school safety, shrinking autonomy, student testing, and staff/student morale. So, how do you deal with these and other challenges and still keep your organization effective and growing? This week, how are you going to lead? Consider focusing on the three areas below.

  • Lead by taking care of the little things. Be well planned and organized for the week. John Maxwell writes; ” Don’t try to conquer the world until you’ve taken care of things in your own backyard.” 
  • Spend this week leading from your strengths. Reflect on what you do well and stay in that lane. Enhance your practice. Maxwell shares; ” Set your priorities and focus on your strengths today.”
  • Lead with the right attitude this week. Lead with your glass half full. Your staff doesn’t need to hear you blame others for the challenges everyone faces. Take responsibility for your attitude. Maxwell reminds; “Life is full of surprises, and the adjustment of our attitudes is a lifelong project. The pessimist complains about the wind. The optimist expects it to change. The leader adjusts the sails.”

Lead this week by taking action and keep finding the good stuff.