“Dan Hickey has served as my professional mentor for the past 15 years. During this time, Dan has provided me with insights to school leadership, personnel matters, and the need for my own professional development. Working with Dan has taught me the importance of servant leadership and the role that a school administrator plays in setting the right tone for building and district culture. I would describe Dan as a “bucket-filler” and a person who is gifted with a tremendous emotional intelligence that allows him to bring out the very best in whomever he is working with. Dan has inspired a plethora of leaders throughout Southeast Michigan and his legacy is one filled with schools that begin every conversation and decision with “what is best for kids.” – Dr. David Richards, Superintendent, Fraser Public Schools

“Dan Hickey has been instrumental in my growth as an administrator. He has methodically encouraged and supported my leadership skills with poignant examples, literature surrounding best practices, and rich discussion. His optimism and contagious energy have motivated me to take incredible risks for the sake of what is best for kids!”- Rachel Guinn, Deputy Superintendent, Birmingham Public Schools

Dan Hickey is one of the most amazing professionals that I have ever worked with. He has helped me tremendously to enhance my professional practice. His ideas are practical. The conversations that I have with him are real. Dan has a genuine passion for helping administrators improve; thereby, helping to improve student achievement. The thing that I like most about him is that he has done the job. He knows the issues and challenges because he has lived them. Whenever I introduce him, I introduce him as my mentor. Actually, he has become much more than that. He encourages, he uplifts, he challenges, and he provides support. I do not know of another professional that has affected my work for the positive in the way that Dan has. I recommend that every administrator take advantage of Dan’s knowledge and expertise. You will not be sorry. – Aaron Johnson, Assistant Superintendent Instructional Services, Farmington Public Schools

“I have been truly fortunate to work with Dan Hickey, an exceptional administrator and mentor to me and the Athens faculty. Dan leads our instructional rounds. One of his many skills is his ability to inspire our staff to critically analyze what they do well and ways they can do it even better. He provides just the right balance, using leading questions, research and reinforcement to make tangible, positive change. The end result, teachers look forward to meeting with him and their colleagues monthly so that they can talk and learn together. Dan has grown this voluntary program to include the majority of our teachers.” – Lara Dixon, Principal, Troy Athens High School, Troy School District

“Working with Dan Hickey has given me the opportunity to be much more reflective on my practice as a leader and building principal. As I continue to grow in my professional experience as an administrator, it is essential that I have someone such as Dan to provide critical feedback in a safe environment. Over the past two years, my entire building administrative team has been meeting regularly with Dan and we have all truly benefited from this experience.” – Jason Clinkscale, Principal, Berkshire Middle School, Birmingham Public Schools

Working with Dan Hickey over the last four years has been an amazing opportunity! Every time we meet, I gain practical tips that I can use immediately on my leadership journey. Dan really embodies what it truly means to be a transformational leader in our ever changing educational world. Dan is not only a mentor but a friend that I can reach out to at anytime for help. Dan’s honest feedback, leadership insight and ability to help you focus on your strengths, really leaves you feeling empowered to make a difference in the world. I would highly recommend that both aspiring and experienced leaders take the opportunity to reflect on their leadership philosophy with Dan! It has definitely helped me become a better person and leader.” Roy Bishop, Principal, Mason Elementary School, Grosse Pointe Schools