Hickey Leadership Group is – at its core – built around the values, ideals and strategies of Dan Hickey, a Learning Leader with more than 30 years of experience in public education. Hickey is fresh off a eight year stint as principal of Stoney Creek High School in Rochester, Michigan. Hickey was Stoney Creek’s first principal, opening the brand new building in 2001 and establishing the vision and culture. From facilitating the selection of school colors and mascot to hiring the staff and proudly handing out more than 3,000 diplomas, Hickey was – and to many, still is – the lifeblood of Stoney Creek.

As principal, he led Hart Middle School to National Exemplary Blue Ribbon status in 2001.

At present, Dan is coaching and mentoring several High School and Middle School principals. He also has launched Instructional Support Teams(peer to peer observations) in several High Schools including Troy Athens, Troy, Stoney Creek, Adams and Royal Oak. IST cohorts are also at Hart, West, Troy Smith, Troy Boulan, Troy Larson, and Troy Baker Middle Schools.

Hickey takes pride in the fact that he has also mentored many non-tenured teachers at both Stoney Creek and Hart. He is trained in Professional Learning Communities and Pyramid of Intervention strategies, as well as three minute walkthroughs,Langford Quality Tools for Learning, and Instructional Rounds.