Monday Moanin Thoughts # 104 Takeaways From AdminCampMI2

I am waking up very  refreshed on this wonderful spring Monday Moanin. You may be wondering why  this is happening  on a Monday morning?  it is because I am still excited as I reflect on my participation in the AdminCampMI2 hosted by Birmingham (MI) Why I…Leadership Cohort this past Saturday. It was a real highlight for me. Those that attended were active learners and collaborators. Read more

Monday Moanin Thoughts #103 Try These Affirmations To Guide Your Work

As I was preparing to write my latest Monday Moanin Thoughts for the week, I decided to peruse my archives for some inspiration. Back in September of 2012 I found the perfect blog for this time of year.  I hope that this archived blog will help guide your  work this week. Have a great week and keep finding the good stuff. Read more

Monday Moanin Thoughts # 102, Happy St. Patricks Day, Time to Celebrate

Happy St.Patricks Day!  This is a great Monday Moanin in March 2014.  As the son of a very proud Irishman, this is a day of celebration. It is time to put an end to winter and enjoy the hope of spring. It is  time to give the Lenten sacrifices a rest for at least one day. It is a day to enjoy family and friends with food, spirits and fellowship. Go out and get your green on , everyone is Irish today.  Teachers and educators use this great day of celebration to  tell your story. Read more

Monday Moanin Thoughts #101 Just Asking, Education 2014

Welcome to another March 2014 thawing Monday Moanin. The late Detroit Free Press writer Bob Talbert, wrote every Monday an excerpt called, ” Outta My Mind On Monday Moanin”. I am going to write about issues on my mind using a similar protocol called  Just Asking. Read more

Monday Moanin Thoughts #100 Quotes To Guide Your Week

This Monday Moanin Thoughts # 100 is coming to you from beautiful Arizona. For the past few days I have escaped the Polar Vortex of Michigan to enjoy some warmth and golf. The warmth is far better than my golf game.  That said,  I  want to share with you four of  my favorite quotes that I hope resonate with you and help to guide your  efforts this week.  Try posting them where  you can refer to them, they are: Read more