Monday Moanin Thoughts #154 Does Your Team Work Like This One?

Welcome to another April 2015 Monday Moanin Thoughts.  During the last week,  I had the pleasure of meeting with several educators that are members of teams. There are many characteristics  that are at the heart of successful teams. In discussing these characteristics, Shelley Werthman, Academic Center Dean at Waterford Kettering High School agreed to share her perspective on what makes their team successful.  After reading her comments,  have a discussion reflect on what makes your team effective.  Shelley writes;

“This school year I have had the opportunity to be a member of a high performing team.  Our team was created in August with just one rule to follow – trust one another.  Trust has held our team together as we have become a cohesive unit that regularly adapts and changes as new challenges become apparent.  We have built and maintained this trust by allowing ourselves and each other to be open about our own strengths and weaknesses, by holding each other accountable and calling each other out without any fear of reprisal, and by allowing ourselves to be vulnerable in front of each other, and treating each other with respect, admiration, and friendship.  Cooperating on projects and tasks has been an opportunity to learn from the experience and unique talents from the members of our team.  As we work toward solutions that contribute to the successful completion of tasks we acquire new skills, challenge existing ideas, and build our leadership capacity.  During the many storms that we face in this occupation we are confident that our team will stand side by side or will be pushing and pulling one another through it.”

It is no surprise that Shelley mentions respect, accountability, being  vulnerable, cooperating, and trust as some of the key ingredients to their team’s effectiveness. After reading her comments, I urge you to have a discussion  and reflect on what makes your team successful.  I want to thank Shelley for sharing her thoughts.  I hope everyone has a great week and keep finding the good stuff.



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