Monday Moanin Thoughts #155 Quotes To Guide Your Week

I wish all of you positive energy and hope on this April 2015 Monday Moanin. The content of today’s blog is posting five quotes/ideas that may guide you as you begin your week. Consider using them as a reminder or help provide you direction as you plan for a productive week. Here is hoping one of these will resonate with you:

“If you do things that are comfortable you’re not growing.” Samantha Bates

“Look for the good around you. Focus on finding the good stuff. Your staff and their learners are doing wonderful things everyday. Notice, celebrate , and validate.” DPH

“I view leadership as a calling, not a job. As a calling, leadership is about who I am- my values, beliefs, attitudes- and my actions are the visible manifestation of those inner ideals. If you want to be a successful leader your primary focus should be on the inner work that is required, not on behavioral tricks or techniques.” Randy Conley

“We want to create a school where students, staff and parents are beating down the doors to get in…not out.” Beth Houf

” To hold someone accountable is to care about them enough to risk having them blame you for pointing out their deficiencies.” Patrick Lencioni

Have a great week and keep making a positive difference in your organization.

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