Monday Moanin Thoughts #153 As A Leader, Focus On These Things This Week

Welcome to this edition of Monday Moanin Thoughts. I am assuming that many of you are just returning from a much needed spring break. My mentor always encouraged me to consider this time of year differently. Instead of looking at spring as the time to wind down, look at it as setting the stage for  the next school  year. Too often, many people that make up a school community, students, staff, administrators, and parents may want to just get the year finished. As leaders, we need to change this tone and commit to finishing strong and also build for next year.  This week regardless of your role in your school community, focus on these three ideas to ensure a strong finish and positive launch to the upcoming year.

  • Have high expectations for all. The end of the year is not about parties and celebrations. It is about learning. Focus on what is truly urgent and find the balance on ending and beginning of the year activities.
  • Be well planned. Act with intentionality and purpose in everything regarding your organization and community. There is security for all when the plans are clear and communicated.
  • Keep a positive and hopeful attitude.  This time of year can be an emotional and exhausting time for all.  Whatever your role, find the good stuff. It is there if  you take the time to look for it.

Good luck and have a great week.

Quote of the week: Steven Covey writes; ” What you do has far greater impact than what you say.”


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