Monday Moanin Thoughts # 127 Focus On These Three Different C’s & Grow

Happy Fall 2014 Monday Moanin. Leadership is a relevant and hot topic. Visit any bookstore or website and you will find several books and blogs filled with opinions of how to improve your organization. After reviewing several authors in preparation for this post, I  decided to focus on three practical and rather unique areas of leadership. As a school leader,  focusing  on a few of these areas will enhance your performance. Have a productive week by being intentional on the following 3 C’s.

  •  The first C is Commitment. As a leader you must have passion and a vision that help guide you in your decision making. Being fully  committed  to your beliefs  can keep you from being sidetracked by distractions and make it difficult to stay in your lane.  Commitment to your organization is also essential as the leader. Leading with a laser focus on your building and student needs is critical to success and growth. Anything less is unacceptable.


  •  The next C is being Current in best practice and the latest research on teaching and learning. An example of current research is exploring  instruction and blended learning in the twenty-first century . The challenges and opportunities of those topics will require a knowledgeable leader to guide the staff on that difficult  journey. It is an extraordinary  time to model growth knowledge in the many areas of teaching and learning.


  • The third C is Caring. All leaders need to take an interest in their employees. Staff members and students should be respected, encouraged, and supported. When people feel cared about they are more apt to produce quality work and contribute to building a positive culture in the organization. You are not going to grow your organization alone.

Have a great week and get to work on your commitment, being current, and caring. It will make a positive difference in your organization and your personal growth. Good luck!

Quote of the week:

“Leadership does not mean doing all the talking. You have to be an equally good listener. You have to listen to others with patience and understanding to keep them motivated, know their problems, ask questions and keep updated on what your team is thinking. “Bordon

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