Monday Moanin Thoughts #129 Let’s Change Parent Teacher Conference to Conversation

Happy Monday Moanin to all of you. In Michigan and maybe in your community,  Parent Teacher Conferences are occurring. In my community conferences begin this week, and I will be attending for my junior son.  Anticipating Wednesday night I began reflecting on what these conferences have been like for me the last few years.  Conferences used to be the time teachers would let me know my son’s grades. Now, in most districts parents can get their child’s grades and even attendance record online.  Do I even need to attend? I’d like to suggest a new use for parent teacher conferences.  What about turning the conferences into conversations. Consider using this time to  begin establishing a partnership that works in the best interest of the learner. Listed below are some questions to  consider asking  parents during your Parent Teacher Conversation.

What can you tell me about your child?

What is your child’s best quality or strength?

Is there anything that I need to know about how you child learns?

How can I help?

Do you have any concerns about this class?


Good luck at building your partnerships and keep finding the good stuff.

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