Monday Moanin Thoughts #93 Five Thoughts To Guide Your Week

Welcome to the second Monday Moanin of 2014.  In Michigan we have enjoyed two days of thawing out after a big winter storm dumped more than a foot of snow across the region.  CoupledWelcomevery dangerous wind chill  temperatures , most schools were closed for several days.   Given the cold, I thought it was a great time to share some of my favorite quotes hopefully will resonate with you and serve to guide your efforts this week. Here are my top four for this week.

  • “Are you a thermometer leader or a thermostat one? Thermometer leaders react to their surroundings. When the tension is high and people are on edge, these leaders often lose their cool. Thermostat leaders, constantly have a pulse on the morale, productivity, and the  stress level of their staff. When things get hot, they tend to cool things down and act as calming influence.” Randy Conley


  • “Start class on time and do not wait for tardy students. Those who show up on time shouldn’t have to wait for those that don’t. As an incentive too get your students to class on time, begin your lessons with something they won’t want to miss.” Richard Curwin


  • ” The best way to be successful is to is to listen to the advice and criticism of others and learn.” Alexis Giostra


  • “The five most important things a leader said to me. Your character is not defined by others’ opinions, can you help with this?, are you okay?, what can you today to be better tomorrow?, and  thank you for making a difference.” Krissy Venosdale

Have a great week and keep finding the good stuff.


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