Monday Moanin Thoughts #92 Be Bold In 2014

Happy 2014  and welcome to all of you on this blustery, frigid, snowy, Michigan Monday Moanin. I hope you all had a great Holiday break. Two weeks ago I encouraged all of you to begin reflecting on what you wanted to start doing in 2014. I listed many prompts for you to consider as you began your reflection. They ranged from having courageous conversations, to conducting listening walks, to always having an instructional component at every staff meeting. Hopefully you have determined your area of focus for the new year. By getting to work and putting more emphasis on it your performance will be enhanced. As I experienced  this process, I kept being drawn to the idea of being bold in 2014. Maybe it was the sharing of information between members of my PLN, or the expertise of educators like Diane Ravitch, or the leadership of Mark Dantonio and celebration of the life of Nelson Mandela after his death in early December. All of these mentioned continue to influence me in many different ways. They all are bold in their vision, bold with  their message, and bold in their actions.  My PLN is consistent in their commitment to collaboration.  Author and professor Diane Ravitch is relentless in attacking the over testing of all students and the direction of American education. Mark Dantonio was clear in his vision of taking Michigan State to the Rose Bowl championship,  not done in almost 30 years. Nelson Mandela is the definition of  leader in his fight against apartheid, eventually serving as President of South Africa. His memory will live on.

So as I prepare to begin a new year, I am challenging myself through my actions and words to be bold and aim high as the people mentioned above. I am going to get to work and challenge myself to not hold back and be BOLD in 2014. Will you join me as you get to work?

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