Monday Moanin Thoughts #67 Just Asking?

It is hard to believe that this a Mid May Monday Moanin. In some areas school is coming to a close and in Michigan around 4 weeks remain in the 2012-13 school year. This is a perfect time to just ask some questions regarding education. Some questions may be thought provoking, encouraging, and laced with frustration. Please consider reflecting on a few of them and see if they may be a good prompt for your summer planning and work. Here goes:

As a leader, what are your foundational values that guide you everyday?


Do you know how to define good instruction? Do your central office administrators have a definition of good  instruction?


Is  your school, kid centered, student centered, or learner centered? Are they the same or different?


Does your Human Resource department have the most power in your district? Who does?


Do you set a tone of respect daily in your actions? Does your boss? Does your staff ? Does the school board?


Why do Advanced Placement students attend school after their AP tests are taken? What could they be doing?


Does it bother you that in education, we are measured and judged by our weakest link not our best people?


Are your teachers more punitive or positive with their learners?


Does your staff  know your vision and what you stand for?


Do you hear leaders in your organization say? “You have to pick your battles,”  “There is nothing I can do,”  ” I am only going to work with people that are on the bus,”or “This isn’t the right time.”  Are they leading or are they avoiding?


Quote of the week:

“Are you counting the days or making the days count?” John Wink

Have a great week and keep finding the good stuff!



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