Monday Moanin Thoughts #6

At this time of  year many school districts are conducting parent teacher conferences. Last week I was attending my kids conference and upon leaving I couldn’t help but notice something. Although there were many parking places available in the lot that I was parked in, there were three cars parked  illegally in the circle right outside the school entrance. They  were two Escalades and a Lexus, high end automobiles. I couldn’t help but think about how adults view kids today.  They judge them on being over indulged, selfish, lacking commitment, and behaving with entitlement. I wonder if adults would think the same thing about the people parking illegally , closest to the building?  This seems like entitled behavior to me. I wonder, who do those over indulged kids learn from? Thoughts?

Speaking  of conferences, I appreciate the extra effort that teachers put into making these a meaningful exercise of communication with parents. Keep up the good work.

Quote of the week:

By imposing upon schools and teachers unrealistic, meaningless, and arbitrary goals, high-stakes testing has corrupted the spirit of American education, intoxicated the education environment, and demoralized educators. By forcing schools and teachers to teach to the test, it has narrowed the educational experiences of millions of children and thus deprived our children, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds, of a real education. Dr. Yong Zhao

Have a great week and keep finding the good stuff.

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