Monday Moanin Thoughts #7 Commitment

It is always tough getting revved up for another week. This week, try narrowing your focus and work at being proactive in the area of commitment.

As a leader you must have a passion and vision that help guide you in your decisions . Being committed assists you from being sidetracked by distractions and pushed off course.Commitment to your organization is also essential as the leader. Stop discussing future plans about your career and be committed to your building and the needs of all students. There are daily challenges in front of you that need your attention.  Your actions serve as a model for others to follow. Anything less is unacceptable.

Have you thought of  how you are going to celebrate Thanksgiving and recognize the important people in your life at both home and work? Be intentional and now is the time to plan that recognition. Do something now!

Quote of the week:

Being a good leader is not something that casually occurs. It takes great thought, care, insight, commitment, and energy. When it all comes together, it brings out the best of who you are. Mary Goodwin

Have a great week and keep finding the good stuff .

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