Monday Moanin Thoughts #34 Grow in 2012-2013

Happy Monday everybody. As we are all preparing for a new school year, I kept thinking about , what is going to be different about my work ? Am I going to change ? Will the people I work with notice a difference in my performance?  Finally, will I grow during 2012-2013? Check out the following questions, thoughts, and ideas listed below. Consider focusing on two of the areas and be intentional in your practice. The goal is to grow in 2012-13. Lets get to work.

  • Instead of talking about an issue or a specific concern, take action.
  • If you find yourself saying to others , ” You have pick your battles”, I wonder if you having any courageous conversations.
  • Consider going on weekly listening walks. More researchers are finding that effective leaders are outstanding listeners and are able to know the true pulse of their organization.
  • Is your glass half empty or full?  Provide hope for your staff and students. You have control over your attitude.
  • Try checking for understanding during your meetings. It is just good teaching,model it!
  • Consistently share your vision in everything you do. Does your community know what you stand for?
  • Reflect often about your role as leader. Where can you help and support others? Am I working hard enough? What message am I sending?
  • Communicate, communicate, communicate. Are you using Twitter,Facebook, or other social networking to share your message.
  • Continue to have a teaching and learning piece at every staff meeting. It is why we are educators.
  • Work at developing and enhancing positive relationships throughout your organization and community.

As you continue to plan and reflect on the upcoming school year consider focusing on the bold words listed above. As a result , you will GROW in 2012-13. Go out and find the good stuff!

Quote of the week:

Show me someone who doesn’t make a mistake and I will show you someone who doesn’t make anything.” Unknown

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