Monday Moanin Thoughts #326 Finish Strong!

Wow we did it. We made it to the third Monday Moanin of May 2019. For many of us educators, the month of May signals the school year will be ending soon. With this comes many invitations to focus more on being reactive than proactive. It is a real challenge to focus on good teaching and learning.  As a young teacher, my principal always reminded our staff to be well planned and intentional for the final weeks of school.His message was simple, finish strong. Whether you teach an AP class or  kindergarten, these weeks can be full of learning opportunities and quality experiences for all learners. Early May is a great time to begin  planning to make the final weeks of the school year exciting and a full of engaging learning opportunities for all students. Rick Wormeli says it best:

“Don’t waste the last few weeks of school on fluff  and babysitting experiences. It’s not only boring to students, it’s unethical. Choose a day very soon to begin planning for one of the highlights of the year: the experiences of those last few weeks.”

Have a great week, maintain high expectations, keep leading, and find the good stuff. #finishstrong

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