Monday Moanin Thoughts #327 This Week Calls For Three C’s Leadership

Happy first Monday Moanin June, 2019 to all of you. For many of you this may begin the final weeks of school of  the 2018-19 school year. For many students, these final days can be filled with lots of emotions, distractions, and for some, anxiety. Not all kids are looking forward to a summer break. School could be there safest place.Depending on their family situation, they may be spending part of the summer with a non-custodial parent or grandparent that live away from their home, community, or in another state. The final weeks can be a challenge for many.  To address some of these challenges during the final week, try focusing on these three C’s.

Care about all of your students.

Connect with students and take the time to listen and really see them.

Calm leadership is needed. Pay attention, be balanced, and encourage all of your kids.

Thank you for all that you and have a great finish.

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