Monday Moanin Thoughts #197 It’s Time To Take Action

Happy February, 2016  Monday Moanin to all of you. Most schools are beginning the long and challenging stretch leading up to spring break.  Added to this is the struggle of being a leader in today’s schools. There are mandates, poor funding, learning gaps, multiple standardized tests, lack of respect,  less influence and  declining input from instructional leaders. These challenges may cause educators to be cautious and less willing to take action.Listed below are seven suggestions to take action on during the next week. Focus on these, then reflect and determine if you are more effective in your practice and leadership. In no particular order, here they are :

1. State and restate your vision often.

2. Find your voice by telling your story. Don’t assume others will.

3. Be well planned and in control of your time.

4. Lead with respect.

5. Participate and contribute as part of a professional learning network. (PLN)

6. Consistently focus on effective instruction.

7. Find the joy in your job and stay positive. Find the good stuff.

Have a great week and lets’ get to work.

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