Monday Moanin Thoughts #196 Just Asking…

Happy Monday on this frigid Michigan Moanin.  Years ago feature writer Bob Talbert wrote about things that were bugging him or were issues of the day in  his Outta My Mind On Monday Moanin columns.  So for the first time since posting my MMT blog, I am going to  write it like Mr. Talbert.  My focus is education, just asking:

Why do policy makers blame failing schools on poor instruction by teachers and rarely if ever discuss the impact poverty has on learning?

Where is the outrage on the funding of public schools in Michigan that basically forces districts to become savings banks in order to stay in business?

How has our culture of fundamental democratic principles been lost?  Can’t we work together for the good of all children?

Are we getting learners ready for our world or theirs?

Why are most of the educational decisions being made are by people who have never taught or worked with kids? Do these same individuals make decisions and establish policy fort he medical profession, lawyers, and engineers?

What other questions do you have on this Monday Moanin?


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