Monday Moanin Thoughts #194 This Week- Focus On Your Strengths

Welcome  to the  first Monday Moanin of February 2016. As a new month begins it occurred to me that many of you may be starting new semesters or grading periods. You are also half way to finishing the 2015-16 school year. As you reflect on the first half of the year it may be easy to think of all the issues faced and the decisions made that you would like to do over. In other words it is common to focus on what  your challenges are.

In fact, most educators and leaders are outstanding at identifying challenges and concerns. As a result, focusing on only the challenges can be detrimental to a leaders focus, energy, and vision. During this new beginning consider a new emphasis, focus on your strengths. Over the next week reflect on your strengths and list them. For example if your top strengths are  teamwork, collaboration, and optimism. Plan and find ways to use them more often. Develop, enhance, and improve these areas and your organization will benefit.

Imagine everyone in your organization including administrators, teachers, and students all focusing on improving and using their strengths. I believe that the energy level, collaborative spirit, and overall attitude of your culture will improve and grow. Above all, focusing on your strengths is something that you have control over. Many of your challenges arise from things you have little or no control of.

Have a great week and  keep making a positive difference for all of your students and community!



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