Monday Moanin Thoughts #193 Solid Advice For Educators- Focus On Attitudes

Happy Final January 2016 Monday Moanin to all of you. Over the past few weeks I have met with several educators from the Tri-County area of Detroit. The most common concern among them is building climate and culture. In their 2015  book, School Culture Rewired authors  Todd Whitaker and Stave Gruenert write; “If culture is a school’s personality, climate is its attitude. The biggest difference between the two is that attitude is far easier to change than a personality.” 

This week may be a great time to focus on climate. As leaders, reach out to members of your staff for things that are often overlooked and taken for granted.  Listed below are a few questions that may assist you in recognizing actions that enhance your building climate.

Do you know your early arrivers? Everyday your parking lot is filled with cars of  staff  that are in the building well before their official starting time. They are getting organized, meeting with students, or setting up labs. Reach out to them and validate their efforts.

Do you know your staff that are consistently well planned, lessons are learner centered and engaging? Let them know you appreciate their skills.

Do you know the staff members that meet with struggling colleagues on their own time to offer support and strategies to help them through challenging times? Consider using one-legged conferences to let them know the importance of their actions.

Do you reach out to staff that present and share at district and building PD days? Consider writing a personal note to all of your staff members that have gone the extra mile being collaborative and taking a  professional risk to share with their colleagues.

What staff members positively influence their colleagues and students? Reach out to your collaborators and let them know you appreciate their efforts.

Who in your organization consistently builds relationships with their colleagues and students? Pay attention and validate their commitment.

What could you add to this list?  If climate aligns with a person’s attitude, reinforce it this week by reaching out and validating the positive attitudes and efforts of staff.

Have a great week and keep finding the good stuff.

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