Monday Moanin Thoughts # 87 Five Why’s, Dig Deep As You Reflect And Answer

Welcome to this beautiful mid November Monday Moanin. For today’s blog , I am  posting 5 questions about education and leadership. Consider using the five why protocol to dig deeper as you reflect and wrestle with your answers. The protocol calls for the facilitator to ask why  after each answer five times. Use these questions and protocol at staff meetings, PTSA gatherings, and among colleagues. They will provide a fine opportunity for discussion and deeper reflection.

Why do you think workers rated connection higher than pay and benefits in the latest Detroit Free Press workplace survey of 50,000 employees?


Why is it that in many school districts that the relationship between schools is more about competition than collaboration?


Why don’t school leaders provide professional development that is ongoing and focused on instructional strategies?


Why is it that in many schools, we teach content instead of teach learning?


Effective instruction begins with a purpose or learning target for the learners. Why do many leaders have trouble articulating their vision for the organization?


Good luck with the five why protocol and keep finding the good stuff. Have a productive week.









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