Monday Moanin Thoughts #63 Great Time To Focus On Instruction

Good morning to all of  you wonderful educators on this chilly  Spring 2013  Monday moanin.   The spring is a challenging time for students to stay focused on their studies. You know, who is kidding who, it is difficult for adults to stay focused also. As a result ,now is a great time to revisit , refocus, and share with each other some instructional  best practices that will help keep the learner focused  on learning and not  on the distractions of  springtime. Listed below are some reminders that may help. Teachers,  you may want to consider the following reminders and suggestions:

  •  Take ownership of your classroom.  Be well planned with enthusiasm and passion. It is a challenge  to bring your “A” game everyday. But learners of all ages know if the teacher is prepared and energetic about the lesson. 
  • Choice and movement are two essential themes for the spring. Learners have a better chance of owning their learning if they can  choose the topic or kind of assessment that is offered by the instructor. Movement is another critical strategy at this time of year. If you are posing a question in which students are taking a side, have them get up and move to a part of the room with their classmates that share the same opinion.
  • Use how and why questions as a fundamental part of the lesson. Have learners reflect or share with classmates on the essential objective of the lesson.
  • Treat your learners respectfully and encourage them to do their best. Don’t let them off the hook.
  • Be reminded that the person doing most of the talking is doing most of the learning.


Sean Junkins says it best:

“Students will be more likely to excel in school if what they are learning is relevant to their lives, experiences, and passions.” 

Have a great week and keep finding the good stuff.

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