Monday Moanin Thoughts #40 Improve Your Leadership, Focus On The 5 C’s

Leadership is hot topic. Visit any bookstore or website and you will find several models and opinions of how to improve your organization and enhance your skills. After reviewing several authors in preparation for the blog, I have decided to simplify this complex subject. As a school leader,  focus on a few of these areas and  your performance will improve and be enhanced.  Be intentional on the 5 C’s.

  • First is Commitment. As a leader you must have a passion and vision that help guide you in your decisions . Being committed assists you from being sidetracked by distractions and  pushed off course. Commitment to your organization is also essential as the leader. Stop discussing future plans about your career and be committed to your building and the needs of all students. Anything less is unacceptable.
  • Being Current in best practice and the latest research on teaching and learning is also critical. An example of current research is exploring teaching and learning in the twenty-first century . The challenges and opportunities of that topic will require a knowledgeable leader to guide the staff on that difficult journey.
  • Third is Communication. As a leader , is it important to be in contact with your stakeholders. Develop a specific content schedule that organizes your communication within your school community. For example, every Monday calendar of events is published, Fridays, an email or Facebook blast  is sent to your families and students. It is critical that this is an intentional strategy that your stakeholders can count on receiving. Consider using Twitter for  more daily and timely updates..
  • Implementing this  communication plan is a great example of  Consistency. Your community counts on information that assists them in  making their plans and setting calendars. It is also critical that you conduct all of your interactions with members of your community in a consistent and helpful way.
  • The final C is Caring. All leaders need to take an interest in their employees. Staff members and students do not to be smothered with focused attention or ignored. They need to be respected, encouraged, and supported. When people feel cared about they are more productive and assist in establishing a  positive culture.

Have a great week and get to work on the 5 C’s and find the good stuff.

Quote of the week:

Leadership does not mean doing all the talking. You have to be an equally good listener. You have to listen to others with patience and understanding to keep them motivated, know their problems, ask questions and keep updated on what your team is thinking. Bordon

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