Monday Moanin Thoughts #318 What Are You Going To KEEP Doing In 2019?

Welcome to the first Monday and MMT of January, 2019. As you prepare for 2019 consider using a Ken Blanchard suggestion. Blanchard often refers to the following questions; what are you going to start doing, stop doing , and keep doing? Since we are beginning a new year, let’s focus on what you want to keep doing in 2019. Listed below are ten suggestions about what you may want to keep doing in your practice as you begin the week. They are:

Keep paying attention to the needs of your community.

Keep supporting your colleagues.

Keep the learner at the center of all decisions.

Keep working everyday on improving communication.

Keep learning and getting better.

Keep speaking up, your voice is important.

Keep improving your climate and culture.

Keep giving specific positive praise and feedback.

Keep celebrating your successes.

Keep leading with honesty and integrity.

Consider focusing on one of these each week. Have a great start to 2019 and keep finding the good stuff.

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