Monday Moanin Thoughts #305, Enhance Your Skills As A Leader, Try These

Happy July  2018 Monday Moanin to all of you. Hopefully your pace is slowing a bit and you are enjoying the wonderful summer weather. My topic for today’s MMT is to focusing on a few things to improve your effectiveness as a leader.  During the past week I have been reading several articles on leadership that served as a great prompt in writing this blog. How do you want to enhance your leadership? Try focusing on these areas of leadership that James Kerr  wrote about. 

Kerr focuses and writes on the 4 types of leadership that will enhance your practice and make you successful. He discusses the importance of  developing an “adaptable leadership style”, that will provide the direction of what a team needs.

The 4 areas that make up this style are:

Directing– when the team/staff is paralyzed, you provide a “clear direction on what is needed.”

Teaching-  “ this includes explaining the why for what must done.”  This includes some instruction and checking for understanding.

Advising-  There is no direct instruction. “This is used when the team/staff is executing well but may need clarity or positive feedback.”

Empowering- Delegate and watch your team perform. “The best advice in this situation is to get out of the way and cheer them on as they deliver on expectations.”

Hopefully this will help as you begin your work for 2018-19. Have a great week and keep finding the good stuff.


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