Monday Moanin Thoughts #28 Just Asking

Just Moanin,  Just Asking
Why does it feel like it is only in our field of education that we are judged by our weakest link? How about the focus being on the educators that are incredibly  effective. They are the backbone of our profession and the norm.

Shout out to all of the mom’s. I hope their day was  special. When you talk about the most effective teachers , the discussion begins with our mom’s. Are they judged by their weakest link?
Does it ever bother you that decisions regarding schools are being made by individuals that have never been in front of a group of students?
Many of these leaders talking about the importance of educating our youth, are the same people that are destroying the teaching profession by advocating lower pay and benefits. I wonder if  they would encourage their children to pursue a career in teaching with a future of below average pay and poor benefits?
I wonder how many leaders today are reaching out with respect toward others rather that seeking it for themselves?
Do you ever wonder if your central office administration and school boards are asking the right questions and communicating a vision to their communities that is student centered?
Effective leaders are always learning, are you?
Great leaders have a positive attitude,  are upbeat and optimistic. What would your staff say when describing you?
I am tired of people that have the opinion that teaching is easy. Have they ever tried?
Why are many educators still reluctant to use technology in their practice and classrooms?
Why do students have multiple tests on the same day, usually Fridays?
When was the last time you read a book on leadership?
I hope all of you have a great week and find the good stuff as you wind down. Stay active, positive and get to work!
Quote of the week:

To build a better education system, America must build on what we have—differentiation, uniqueness, and diversity. Zhao

Dan HickeyHickey Leadership

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