Monday Moanin Thoughts #268 What Are You Going To Practice This Week?

Happy mid September 2017 Monday Moanin to all of you. Back in January 2017, I wrote about what was going to be my one word to guide my professional work and personal life for the new year. I borrowed the idea from Jon Gordon and others by adopting one word instead of more ambitious resolutions and goals to focus on. Because I struggled in the past with losing my focus on more depth filled goals, on word seemed doable. I was right, I wrote then;

“I am happy to share with you that my focus for 2017 will be the word practice. Of all the words to choose, why practice? The obvious answer is to practice something means that we will get better at it. My goal is to focus on practice and improve my effectiveness working with principals, and other educators. By practicing with a purpose, I hope to keep growing and improving my skills in all areas professionally and personally.”

So keeping that in mind I am challenging myself to answer the question, what am I going to get better at this week? What am I going to practice?

I am going to focus on the following three things listed below:

  • I am going to ask more questions than talking too much and giving advice.
  • I am going to finish what I start, beginning with finishing the books that I started early in the summer.
  • I am going to work hard at forgiveness and not hold on to negative feelings and assumptions about others.

Take some time this week  and challenge yourself to get better at something. What are you going to practice this week? Have a great one and keep finding the good stuff.

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