Monday Moanin Thoughts #257 Happy Fathers Day, A Week Early

Happy June Monday Moanin to all of you. As I was preparing for this MMT,  I realized that Fathers Day 2017 is a week from today. I then found this archived blog from 2012. Hopefully  it will provide you an opportunity to reflect on the influence that your Dad had on you and your path in life.

Please enjoy this archived blog from June of 2012.

Happy Fathers Day!  My dad passed away in 1991 and I miss him very much. I think of him everyday and as I get older his influence continues to grow on me. An area that I never focused on until this morning was his influence on me as a leader and leadership overall. My dad was a great initiator with many outstanding qualities.He modeled and taught me these critical elements of leadership. First, he loved working. As an owner of his own small business, he had a passion for work and was willing to do whatever it took to keep his business growing and productive. My dad also enjoyed and respected people. Treating customers, distributors, and executives the same way he wanted to be treated was an essential element of who he was and what his business stood for. It also was evident to me that he didn’t treat anyone differently because of their title or position. Everyone was important. Dad also had a great sense of humor. He enjoyed laughter and even the ups and downs of the economy could not take away his  humor and joy. He was an optimistic person that always saw brighter days ahead. Finally, he was a person with high expectations for himself and his company. My dad did not have a college degree but he knew he would achieve at whatever he set his mind too. And he did!  Can you imagine how productive we could all be if we had passion, respect, optimism, humor, and high expectations on a daily basis?  What lessons has your dad taught you on leadership? Life?

Have a great week and keep finding the good stuff!

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