Monday Moanin Thoughts #243 Fight The Mid Winter Blues, Take Action

Happy final Monday Moanin of  February 2017.  This is the time of year that many of us call the Mid Winter blues. Whether it is the lack of student focus, lack of sunny days, the wintry mix, or  the long stretches without a break from the daily grind, this time of year is challenging. So, let’s attack the blah’s by being proactive. Your staff may need direction and definitely your support during this time of year. Here are three areas for you to consider beating the blues.

  • Communicate a consistent message to your staff. I would suggest the focus of your message to be around teaching and learning. Reinforce, authentically the positive things that you are observing to your staff. Redirect them to those good things. for example, if your observe great connections between your staff and students, let them know you appreciate the effort.
  •  Be a good listener. Pay attention to what is being said and look for the opportunity to redirect the person to your message. Good people do not need a lot. A reminder and a gentle nudge will usually get them back on track. Be reminded they may need you to just listen.
  • Ken Blanchard reminds us that there are three decisions that are made in all organizations. Mine, as the principal or leader, ours, as a staff or team, or yours as an individual. During this time of year create more opportunities to make more our decisions.  This can really help in terms of getting your staff to work together and be more collaborative. Be reminded that we are stronger as a team, fight isolation.

Good luck to you as you tackle the challenges of the mid winter blues. Have a great week and keep finding the good stuff.

Quote of the week:

“Listening is such a simple act. It requires us to be present, and that takes practice, but we don’t have to do anything else. We don’t have to advise, or coach, or sound wise. We just have to be willing to sit there and listen.” Margaret J. Wheatley

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