Monday Moanin Thoughts #240 Enhance Your Practice By Keeping It Simple

Welcome to this frigid January 2017 Monday Moanin. Leadership can be a very complex issue. Mostly because it involves other people. Your organization has many employees that bring their concerns and their life challenges into the workplace everyday.As leaders, we are often invited to deal with these issues through helping provide solutions, taking action, or offering support.  As you deal with these challenges,  keep in mind that your responses  to staff do not have to be perfect.  Be reminded that you can’t fix most of the issues employees have, but you can be helpful.  As a leader try some of these doable and effective strategies. Give them a try.

  • Believe in your staff. They are the key to your school’s success.
  • Give positive, authentic feedback.
  • Validate the good things you observe.
  • Lead with hope, if not you, who?
  • Listen, listen, listen.
  • Do not bring complexity and depth to all issues..

None of the above list is rocket science, yet these actions often get overlooked because leaders may be trying to do too much. Give these strategies some attention this week and see if your effectiveness improves..

Lets all get to work and keep finding the good stuff. Have a great week.

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