Monday Moanin Thoughts #289, Fight Being Isolated- Build A Community

It is hard to believe that this is the final Monday Moanin of February 2018. In much of the country and certainly Michigan, we are dealing with the challenges of winter. Less daylight, cold, snow, ice, rain, flooding, fog , and let’s not forget the roads with potholes the size that could swallow up your vehicle. It is also the time of year where you spend more time indoors. It is rare that you talk to your neighbors, much less see them. Similar things can happen in your schools. It is easy to become isolated and not see or be available to others. So, this week let’s fight isolation and work at being more community minded. This week, consider trying some of the things listed below. 

  • Assume positive intentions with your colleagues.
  • Celebrate and encourage your colleagues for the work they do.
  • Pay attention to others and take notice of your colleagues talents and skills.
  • Share a positive thing you’ve observed or heard about your fellow staff member.
  • Take action and limit competition and judgement between staff, departments, and other schools.
  • Take time and seek out others. Do you know your colleagues?
  • Reach out and focus on your learners.
  • Quit complaining and offer solutions to improve your organizational climate.

As @justintarte writes; “It starts with you. It always starts with you… Your attitude… your perspective… your choice.”

I hope everyone has a great week and let’s all  reach out to one another with support, encouragement, and  understanding. Fight isolation and continue to build your community!



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