Monday Moanin Thoughts

This is the initial post that will be here every Monday. It will be about hot topics of the day and my thoughts on current issues.

As a new week begins my thoughts are with the segment of students that attend all of our schools. I urge all adults  in schools to notice and pay more attention the majority of students that show up everyday and do what is expected of them. They are quality students that are not top scholars or in credit recovery. They are not attention seekers or participate during class or activities. They are the backbone of our schools. These students deserve to be noticed and appreciated for what they bring on a daily  basis. Get to know them , they have earned our attention.

I was talking to a parent whose son graduated from a local high school. He was not a scholar but a good student. He graduated from a local university. He has held a quality job for ten years and travels the globe doing quality work and he makes great money.  The parent says, ” Do  you think my son can compete with students  from other countries and he wasn’t tested like my grandchildren are today”. I am tired of the non educator reformers deciding what is best for students. Enough!

Have a great week and find the good stuff!

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